MITI TEX Kft. has chosen Customer’s satisfaction as its exclusive target, providing outstanding products and services as a solution, fitting with its expressed and hidden requirements.

This strategic choice is enforced by ensuring our maximum priority towards Product’s Quality and Reliability, since our conviction is that this represents the actual keystone for competitiveness.

A further belief of MITI TEX Kft. is that both Quality and Reliability of our products, can be ensured by organizing processes continuously focused on decreasing production costs, time and waste.

MITI TEX Kft. considers following instruments as essential to achieve its goals:

  • Commitment and sharing of a responsibly motivated staff at any professional level and sector in the processes. People represent our most important and valuable asset, being the ground of our organization.

  • An organization, skilled in tuning up its own processes towards the expectations of a world getting more and more globalized and borderless. Our organization aims at building an ever- evolving reliable & sustainable Customer/Supplier partnership.

  • An efficient communication attitude.

  • A steady professional, methodological training of our staff that may lead to its involvement in all professional areas, and we mean organization, technical areas, product, security and environment.

  • An attitude to Innovation and changes, to properly support our Company in all its competitive challenges related to Products, which synthesize the work of our entire Staff and represent the key factor of our Company’s Vision.

  • The availability of suitably upgraded technical machinery, which may cope with our current product’s range as well as periodical checking on its technological fitting to guarantee a steady innovative machinery plant coherent to market’s expectations.

  • The managing of an actual “Supplier System”, so to create a selected Industrial Partner’s Group which may share our development and growth programs and may allow us to achieve the necessary standards, keeping our targets ongoing and alive.